Enosoft 2.0

In order to allow simple and intuitive operation of its WineCard enabled systems, Enomatic has developed a line of software called “EnoSoft 2.0”



The available versions are:

Card Generator*

The simplest of all enomatic® softwares. It doesn’t need a network connection between PC and Dispenser. It allows the creation of wine cards for tastings, configuration (wine, volumes, prices) and management of wine serving systems.


Simple but powerful software. Functional by connection to the local network, permitting the advanced management of the dispensers. All the operations carried out by the enomatic® systems are saved on a database (Microsoft Access) allowing important statistics accessible anytime. Furthermore it allows the creation of various types of Wine Cards for tasting (Prepaid, Loyalty, Credit etc).

Professional* **

Advanced software principally aimed at a more demanding clientele. Connection to the local network permits the simultaneous management by multiple users of the enomatic® system (Client/Server model). All operations carried out by the enomatic® systems are saved on a database (Microsoft SQL Server) allowing important statistics accessible anytime. On this version it is possible to develop personal solutions to facilitate the integration with other management systems or for the use of third party cards.

Multistore* **

EFor all business setups with multiple sites (also geographically distant from one another). It allows the sharing of information and the use of wine cards in all sites. Data coming from all the stores is synchronized with the “EnoCentral” central server, from which all the stores of the chain can be managed. Therefore each individual store can be managed independently.

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* the software requires a PC/server with Microsoft Windows O.S.h

** through the installation of optional card readers on the dispenser it is possible to use cards with magnetic strips, bar code or finger print technology.