enomatic spirit

New “plug & play” dispenser of the latest spirit line created for the tasting of spirits to be served at room temperature (brandy, cognac, whisky etc.). A new stylish authentic walnut burl wood and carbon fiber finish is also available.

A “NorthPole” version is also available, which is a new way of drinking vodka and spirits cold without using ice or chilled glassware. its powerful cooling system is able to keep bottles at a very low temperature and therefore to serve spirits cold with controlled and top quality service. There are different customization options for front panel.

enomatic elite

New generation wine serving system. New cooling system, low noise level, high performance. Innovative bottle insulation system to preserve wine flavors and aromas. These all new systems utilise full elite technology – it incorporates touch screen displays, gas leak monitor, dual temperature zones and further functionalities for self control.  Available in 2 bottle (EnoOne plug-and-play solution), 4 bottle, 8 bottle and 16 bottle (Enoround) versions, which can be supplied either in Stainless Steel, Black Elegance, Black Elegance Precious or RAL customized coloring.

EnoOne     Enoline ELITE 4     Enoline ELITE 2.5 8     Enoround ELITE 16