The world’s No. 1 wine serving system

Enomatic is the world’s No. 1 wine serving systems developer and producer.

Enomatic® is known as worldwide leader in the field of wine serving and preservation technology, and in the field of hospitality business solutions thanks to its worldwide known wine serving systems, which are state-of-the-art systems, non-comparable with potential competitors in terms of innovation, quality, design and reliability. Enomatic S.R.L. was founded in 2002, and it has reached all markets around the globe in just a few years. Today Enomatic products are represented worldwide by a network of more than 50 Dealers in over 70 Countries around the globe.



As of 2016 Enomatic products are also available in Baltic states, including also highest level of service, maintenance and technical support for our clients.

More than 6000 stores in the world profit from using the enomatic systems

Distributed in over 70 different countries worldwide through a total of 50 dealers

  3 different lines and 10 models are available to meet your requirements

more than 5 million bottles and 35 million glasses of wine are served in a single year through the enomatic systems